Benefits of SATTE Travel Trade Show

Travel and tourism industry of India contributes greatly to the GDP of the country. A high growth percentage in terms of revenue has also been recorded from $19.7bn in 2013 to $27.5bn in 2016. With such a remarkable growth rate, travel and tourism industry holds an important place in the economy of the country. Therefore, to ensure this industry can have better ways and means to grow, travel trade shows are the perfect resort. The SATTE Travel Trade Show is one of the best opportunities to promote your travel business and it has various benefits, which make it a must-attend. To ensure that the stakeholders of the travel industry and the related ones are able to capitalise on all the available opportunities, this tradeshow has all possible beneficial features.

The incredible benefits of the SATTE Travel Trade Show are co-related with the key features of the event. It is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and UNWTO, which makes it a widely recognised event. This three day event witnesses participation from around the globe. Participants from over 35 countries and 28 Indian states make this event a globally recognised one. It, therefore, offers a huge platform to the stakeholders in the travel industry to exchange ideas, grow business, avail trade opportunities and also to consolidate their ties with other counterparts. The tradeshow witnesses a great number of foot fall and a wide number of exhibitors also participate in it. The exhibitor feedback and the visitor views for the SATTE Travel Tradeshow held in the previous years have been phenomenal. Due to the same reason, a rise in the number of exhibitors as well as visitors is expected in the coming year too. Not just that! This event contributes greatly in creating a favourable environment of global peace and harmony with the help of right communication.

Businesses in the travel and tourism industry must not miss out on this great opportunity to showcase their capabilities, ideas and abilities as well as participate in actively. It is one of a kind event because no other tradeshow has a wide-ranging classified display place for the travel industry, which the SATTE Travel Tradeshow has. It enables the stakeholders from the industry to showcase the latest ideas and knowledge based developments. Apart from that it also offers them a great platform for trade, commerce, learning and networking.

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