Checklist for SATTE 2015

In a few days, will be taking place, the India’s biggest travel event that attracts tourist information boards, travel agencies, airlines and hoteliers to name a few. It’s a huge attraction for the travel industry and it’s here, in Delhi.

Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before you attend SATTE 2015

Know who you would like to meet and make the necessary arrangements to connect

Whether it’s a fellow travel agent or an organisation, try to get in contact with them beforehand, checking whether they are free and the best way to make an appointment if slots are available. Whether it’s through their website, their exhibitor listing online or through social media, make the most of the potential opportunity.

Study the floor plan – know where exhibitors stands are located

Floor plans are always a good way of seeing how many halls will be in use for the show and how stands will be arranged. It’s also a fantastic way to use your prepped list of exhibitors and see where they will each be based. This allows you to then work out the best way to navigate the show in your time available, thus maximizing the potential for you being able to see them all. Invaluable time isn’t to be wasted getting lost in the aisles ;-).

Know your value and how to communicate it

Once you have a plan of who you want to meet and how you’re going to go about it, work out how you want to present yourself. Are you attempting to make a proposition, promote yourself or just make a connection for future activity? Know what you can bring to the table and be confident to discuss it – take ownership.

Not sure what to take to the show with you – use the list below:

  • Business cards
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Dress comfortably
  • Bring a bag for collecting any brochures etc.
  • Take a notepad and pen
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