Key Features of SATTE Delhi 2017

The Indian travel and tourism Industry is on the path of growth because of the favourable conditions in the current scenario. There have been many things that have contributed greatly towards putting the travel and tourism sector right on the path of growth. With a vision to ensure that the stakeholders of this industry and the related ones are able to capitalise on all the available opportunities SATTE Travel Tradeshow would be conducted in Delhi in 2017. It is a one of a kind travel tradeshow, which witnesses a great footfall every year.

Here are some key features of the SATTE travel tradeshow 2017:

  1. Since the last held SATTE tradeshow in 2016 witnessed a participation of over 800 exhibitors from 35 countries and 28 Indian states, a greater participation is expected at the upcoming SATTE tradeshow of 2017 in Delhi.
  2. The tradeshow is supported by UNWTO, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and Incredible India.
  3. With over 21,637 travel trade attendees in the last SATTE tradeshow, it became a huge success and the one to be held in 2017 is expected to get a greater footfall of travel trade attendees.
  4. The tradeshow is well-known for its participation of tourism boards from across the globe and the same is expected in the upcoming SATTE tradeshow in 2017 as well.
  5. This tradeshow provides the participants a great platform for trade, commerce, learning and networking. With global exposure, the participants can get ample opportunities for business, learning and networking. In fact, a lot of exhibitors get numerous leads for trade and thereby make huge profits.
  6. The tradeshow aims to open communication for new tie-ups and exchange of ideas for a better future of the travel and tourism sector. This SATTE Tradeshow 2017 strives to set forth the right kind of communication and create a constructive ambience for mutual tie-ups and trade in the travel sector for its growth.

The feedback received by the show from its participants has been quite remarkable over the years and it gets better with each passing year. The quality of visitors as per the exhibitors is also quite good.  SATTE travel tradeshow 2017 to be held in Delhi directly reflects a progressive move in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. The challenges and issues in the industry are also addressed during this three day event, thus making sure that the path for its growth is clear.

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