Latest Tourism Trends in India

Tourism in India generated about 6.3% of the country’s GDP in the year 2015 along with supporting 37.315 million jobs, which makes for about 8.7% of the total employment. As of 2016, the future of tourism in India looks bright and prosperous because of the various favourable aspects in the country. With wonderful tourist spots, diverse topography, varied cultures and heritage sites in the country, India is one of the most lucrative options for tourists. The tourism industry of the country has undergone various changes over the time. Some of the latest trends prevailing in the tourism industry are as follows:

Growing Options for Low Budget Travellers

With set ups like hostels for travellers, various low budget options have come up recently in India. Numerous budget hotels, bed and breakfast and other such options are there to cater the travellers, who are financially constrained. The taxes and other expenses for moving around the country are comparatively lower from other foreign destinations therefore it also becomes a good choice for budget travellers from around the globe.

Visa on Arrival Boosting Tourism

A bureaucratic and fast growing country like India has a lot dependent on its government policies. Visa on arrival in India, which applies to tourists from over 40 countries, was started in 2014, since then a rise of foreign visitors has been observed. This policy is expected to be extended to more than 100 nationalities in the coming years.

Rise of Boutique Hotels

A recent surge in the number of boutique hotels in the country has offered a wide variety of staying options for tourists. These boutique hotels provide the comfort while letting the visitors indulge more into their surroundings, thus promoting tourism.

Exploring New Destinations

Domestic as well as international tourists both are expressing continued interest in exploring new and lesser-known destinations in the country. With improved connectivity and penetration of internet, more and more such destinations are coming to light and catching the eye of the travellers.

Travel Tradeshows Promoting Tourism

Travel tradeshows like SATTE are working as a factor to promote tourism in India, by offering a platform for the various stakeholders in the country to showcase their services and products. If offers a combined place to them to have discussions overs various policies, trends and how to improve its growth. If you are from the tourism industry, visiting the SATTE travel tradeshow can be quite beneficial.

The future of the Indian travel and tourism industry definitely looks bright with the latest trends prevailing.

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