Tips for attending SATTE 2017

SATTE 2017 – The 24th Edition is expecting a participation of over 25 Indian states, 35 countries and more than 20,000 attendees. It is a world class networking platform making it a great opportunity to build business relations and tie-ups. Here we are going to tell you how you should prep up for this 3 days mega event to make the most of it.

For Exhibitors

SATTE calls for big crowds – over 850 high spirited exhibitors and competing agendas. So, you need to stand out because of the thorough competition! Here’s how…

Planning :- To give a perspective about your brand or business, you need to plan and work accordingly. Ask yourself questions – What do I want visitors to see so as to benefit my business?  How do I go about it?
Reach out to your prospective and important clients before the main event by mails or calls.

Stall arrangement :- The look and feel of your stall or booth will speak volumes about your marketing strategies to the attendees and prospects. Give it a custom feel to grab attention. Proper setup, lighting, signage will make your booth look approachable and appealing. Have pen and paper at your stall. Have video demos etc. 

Communication :-Be it B2B meetings, events or your stall at this exhibition, you need to interact and make connections to show your expertise. Keep your business cards ready. Follow up in simple ways like saving email addresses and contacts will help you in future. Smile more. Dress properly. Such communication skills never fail. 

For Attendees

SATTE is a big marketing medium. With over 20,000 attendees this year, you will have ample opportunity to connect, grow and learn. Tips to attend SATTE as a visitor :- 
Prepare beforehand :- Plan and prepare for exhibitions and meetings to be held during this event. As a trade visitor you have to meet the right people. You need to ask questions. So, plan beforehand what to ask, how to communicate. Get your business cards with you.

Interact :- The more you interact, the more you build connections. You will never know who you are talking to unless you actually do. Ask questions and discuss your ideas with them. It can land your travel agency or business in new contracts and deals.

Observe to learn :- Observing is a great way to learn. Observe and negotiate. Keep your curiosity level high so that you have something to write home about. Also don’t forget to set up appointments with exhibitors as you leave. Drop your number, email id or hand out your business cards to them. Make new relations and memories. Good luck!

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