What to Expect from SATTE Travel Tradeshow 2017

SATTE Travel Tradeshow is an important event for the Indian tourism industry. It offers a great platform to the stakeholders, including the exhibitors and other participants for marketing, networking and generating business. It is reckoned to be South- Asia’s biggest travel tradeshow and thus presents ample opportunities to the participants to collaborate at a global level. With support from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, WTO and Incredible India, SATTE Travel Tradeshow was experienced unprecedented success in 2016 and the same is expected from it in 2017 too. Here are a few things are can be expected from the upcoming travel tradeshow for sure:

Participation from Across the Globe

Like the previous editions of SATTE Travel Tradeshow, in the upcoming 2017 edition too, participation from around the world is expected. Tourism Boards of various countries are deemed to be representing themselves in this event. This year about 35 countries participated in this event and the number is expected to rise in the coming tradeshow.

Networking and Marketing Opportunities

SATTE travel tradeshow presents ample of opportunities to the participants for networking and marketing. It is a great platform for face to face marketing, direct sales and lead generation for all the exhibitors as well as visitors. Stakeholders from the across the travel and tourism industry attend this event, thus offering innumerable opportunities for business generation for all the sectors like domestic, inbound, outbound, etc.

Representation from the State Tourism Boards

28 state tourism boards represented themselves in the 2016 edition of SATTE travel tradeshow and the same is expected in the upcoming event too.

Presence of Dignitaries and Key Decision Makers

Countless dignitaries and important decision makers from the travel and tourism industry attend the event and therefore it is a great chance to connect with them. Many issues and suggestions can also be brought to their notice through meaningful discussions and healthy debates that take place at the SATTE event.

Communication of Your Message

For any exhibitor SATTE travel tradeshow offers an apt platform to communicate your message across to the industry and display your prowess in your field. Thus, many travel houses and stakeholders related to the industry would put on show their services, abilities, products, etc. which will help them leave a lasting impression on their customers and counterparts.

Whether it is an exhibitor or a visitor, SATTE Travel tradeshow 2017 is expected to have a lot for everyone.

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