Conference 2019

SATTE India Conference 2019

Venue – T3 Conference Hall, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida

January 16, 2019

10.00 AM – 07.00PM
Buyer –Seller Meet 
10.00 AM – 11.00 AM
11.00 AM – 11.30 AM 
VIP Walkthrough (Ambassadors, Ministers and Associations) 
11.30 AM – 01.00 PM – Panel I: UNWTO: Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all
United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), is set to celebrate the World Tourism Day 2019 in India with the theme of ‘Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’. As a prelude to the year’s celebration, SATTE 2019 is all set to uncover the theme to understand the opportunities which the tourism sector provides globally. As per reports tourism was responsible for the creation of seven million new jobs worldwide last year and close to 313 million jobs is related directly or indirectly to Tourism. Also 1 in 10 jobs around the world is attributed to tourism.

This sector has already outpaced the traditional sectors in terms of employment opportunities. In the long run the sector will further grow with destinations focusing on this segment aggressively. According to reports, by 2028, Travel & Tourism is expected to support more than 400 million jobs globally, which equates to 1 in 9 of all jobs in the world; and the sector is expected to contribute around 25 per cent of global net job creation over the next decade.

The session will discuss the contribution and challenges of tourism sector as an employment generator.

‐ Opportunities to increase employment in APAC region
‐ Challenges in further boosting the inbound numbers to India
‐ Governmental policies favouring tourism across APAC region
‐ UNWTO initiatives

01.00 PM – 02.00 PM

02.15 PM - 02.45 PM

Workshop on Cruise Tourism

How To Sell The Fly/Cruise Market - The session will begin by outlining the latest findings from research on Neuromarketing and discuss how it affects today’s travel and cruise sales. Using successful Sales techniques, the majority of the session will use these techniques in selling itineraries (using fly/cruise destinations from across the world), and what we have learnt works best for each region – though it culminates in the priority of understanding close to home cruising for business development and profit.
Conducted by Peter Kollar, Head of International Training & Development, Cruise Lines International Association

02.45 PM to 03.45 PM: Panel II: Cruise Tourism: ‘India Ahoy!’
With a coastline as vast as 7,517 km, India has enormous potential to tap the cruise tourism segment. India not only has an elegant landscape, but also beautiful seascape which is yet to be explored. Cruise liners are looking to include India on their itineraries, with a few of them announcing seasoned sailings from this market. Challenges still remain the same, developing infrastructure, introducing attractive incentive; reducing taxation will further give an impetus to this segment.
The session will discuss the current scenario of cruising as a segment in India and also discussing the potential of developing India as a cruising hub.

03.45 PM – 04.00 PM

Tea/ Coffee break

04.00 PM – 05.00 PM – Panel III- 

Are NTO’s India ready?
The UNWTO predicts that the Indian outbound travel market will account for 50 million tourists by 2020, and its total outbound spending is expected to cross the US$28 billion mark. The Indian outbound market has witnessed a staggering double digit growth in the last couple of years. 
Yet, the National Tourist Offices (NTOs) of various countries present in India have been implementing the plain vanilla marketing and promotional strategy since last 6-7 years. There has not been much innovation in their marketing strategy despite Indian outbound traveller preference, choice, perspectives and tastes.

Today, majority of Indians are now mature traveller and are looking for very authentic experience. However, traditional outbound destinations are still offering the same products, resulting into the depletion of repeat customers to most of these destinations. 

During the session, panellists will discuss novel strategies, challenges and what India market wants?

End of Day I

January 17, 2019

Venue – T3 Conference Hall, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida

09.00 AM – 10.00 AM


10.15 AM – 10.30 PM 
 Opening remarks - Declaring the new initiative - Corporate day by SATTE
10.30 AM – 10.45 PM 
Address from ACTE 
11.00 AM -12.00 Noon   Education Session 1 - Gds Content / Ndc/ Corporate Travel Way Forward
12.00 Noon – 01.00 PM
 Education Session 2 - Business Visa/ Ground Transport
01.00 PM – 01.15 PM
 Sponsored slot for Sales Pitch/ Information Pitch - Video
01.15 PM – 02.00 PM 
 Networking lunch
02.15 PM – 03.15 PM Education session 3 / Sponsored Sales Pitch

03.15 PM – 03.30 PM 

Recap of the day
03.30 PM – 03.45 PM
Tea/Coffee break 
04.00 PM – 06.00 PM  SATTE Exposure

End of Day II

January 18, 2019

Venue – T3 Conference Hall, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida


10.00 AM – 06.00PM

Buyer –Seller Meet

11.30 AM – 01.00 PM – Panel Discussion Indian Aviation: soaring high or grounded?
The Aviation industry is a key driver of tourism growth. Any new air connectivity increases the propensity to travel in the region and encourages development. A true tourism driver for new air services, include airlines that are confident with a new air service with the backing from airports and tourism authorities engaging and developing new air services to the destination.. 

Air route development is still growing, and would need adequate support from the state tourism boards to initiate and develop tourism growth. How do we grown Tourism into a state if we do not promote air service into the major airport?

Keeping this mind, SATTE -T3 powered by Routes, Aviation Week Network is planning to organise a session to highlight the benefits of route development for tourism, and driver of airline connectivity into the region. The session will discuss how tourism authorities, government departments and industry associations can work together to understand different models and types of traffic as well as to build a compelling business proposition for new air routes supporting the airport in promoting new destination. 

The session aims to provide state tourism boards with an efficient and convenient platform from which to engage with key decision makers from the leading airlines and expand their route network.

End of Day III