International Travel & Tourism Trade Show 2015 India - Fairs & Exhibitions at Pragati Maidan | World Fair Trade Organization - SATTE
Latest News :
  • Over 750 participants from over 35 countries and 28 Indian states
  • 20000 travel trade attendees – an increase of 50% over last year
  • Supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Incredible India, & UNWTO
  • Over 30 international and 25 domestic tourism boards


“Globally, we crossed the mark of 1.3 billion travellers this year. The growth rate to be expected in the upcoming years for the travel and tourism industry is around 7%. India is one of the leading countries with almost 16% contribution to the industry. I appreciate SATTE’s contribution over the years in getting the industry together, and also its campaign I-Pledge, that promotes the cause of sustainable tourism, thereby giving us the opportunity to pledge for and promote sustainable tourism and create a better world to live in.” Bo Keun Choi, Senior Officer, Regional Programme for Asia and the Pacific, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO):

“It is a pleasure to attend a platform such as SATTE that brings the entire industry together. Let me tell you, 2017 has been amazing for India from tourism perspective. We had a growth of 15.2% in terms of foreign tourist arrivals. When it comes to domestic tourism, we had 1.8 billion travels (not travelers) in the country. In three years from now, we aim to double the amount of international tourists arrival in India, increase the contribution of tourism industry to GDP to 10% from the current 6.8% and double the employment contribution. Honestly, tourism is the best weapon against terrorism anywhere in the world, apart from its other obvious advantages.”
 KJ Alphons, Minister for Tourism (I/C), Govt. of India

“Statistics show that more tourists visit Singapore& Malaysia but the truth is that India is a long haul destination. 97.2% people come to India by air and the average stay is 14-20 days -- one of the highest duration for travelers around the world. Therefore, India’s earnings from tourists are much greater than many of the other countries etc. Of course, it is up to usto make this duration extremely attractive and rich in experiences. And that’s where an exhibition like SATTE comes to the fore with its reserves of ideas and thought leadership. “I am proud of my association with SATTE as I remember attending the first edition of the show and learning a lot from it. SATTE taught me sound strategies that helped a lot in conducting business and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.”  Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog:

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